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Welcome to the homepage of my effort to name a Las Vegas street after Nikola Tesla.














Greetings!  I recently gave a UNLV University Forum Talk on Nikola Tesla during which I suggested that we name a street in Las Vegas after this genius who literally gave us all the 20th Century.  Due to strong support from my audience, I have committed to this goal.  Whether it is his invention of alternating current, radio, remote control, radar, fluorescent lighting, we have all been deeply impacted by this single individual’s creative genius.  However, sadly, he is one of most forgotten geniuses and died a pauper.  Las Vegas is a quintessential example of just how much Nikola Tesla’s inventions had made life possible here.  Whether it is Hoover dam that supplies Megawatts of hydroelectric power, the beautiful neon lights that give this city it’s reputation as the “City of Lights,” Nellis Air Force base and McCarran Airport which both depend heavily on radar and radiofrequency communications or the more “mundane” inventions that we all take for granted but would not be able to do without (such as air conditioning which uses electric motors), we all owe Nikola Tesla a tremendous debt of gratitude for his tireless service to humanity.  In this spirit, I would like the City leaders of Las Vegas to dedicate one decently-sized street in Tesla’s honor.  There is already a street named after Thomas Edison.  Why not one for Tesla? 

     Please sign the following petition to aid me in my quest:
If you are sufficiently motivated, you can drop the Mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, a line in support of this quest using the following website:
By clicking on the “e-mail” link, you can input your message there.  
Thank you so much for your support in this effort!
Prof. Michael Pravica, Ph.D.


Hoover Dam reservoir. Nevada, USA


















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  (Elementary school children trying to place busts of Tesla in every major University).